We are releasing our first IDUNN Newsletter

At IDUNN, our mission is to enhance trust in operational technologies through cognitive detection systems that ensure cybersecurity. This inaugural edition marks the beginning of a series of communications designed to keep our followers informed about significant advancements and relevant news related to the project.

What you’ll find in this edition:

  • What is IDUNN? An introduction to our cognitive detection system aimed at creating a security shield for operational technologies, enhancing the resilience of ICT systems against cyber-attacks.
  • Project Objectives: Details on our efforts to develop a validated technological security framework that enables automatic and dynamic cybersecurity operations.
  • Innovations and Methodologies: From OT component fingerprinting to centralized detection of unknown threats, we explore how IDUNN addresses security challenges through advanced tools and data analytics.
  • News and Events: Information on IDUNN’s participation in key events such as the IoT Week in Dublin and details about our recent kick-off meeting at Ikerlan.
  • Collaboration with European Projects: How IDUNN is working in conjunction with other European projects to bridge gaps in security, privacy, and data protection for small enterprises and to achieve trustworthy, transparent, and explainable AI in cybersecurity solutions.

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Thank you for your interest in IDUNN and for joining us in our commitment to a more secure and resilient future!


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