Our main objective

Idunn structure

IDUNN’s main objective will focus on adding this trust ingredient to any business by making its ICT systems resilience to cyber-attacks. To achieve that, IDUNN will create a security shield in the form of tools, methodologies, microservices and initial standards compatible with any ICT supply chain. The left side of the following figure shows the selected technologies/functionalities taking into account the particular needs of an OT infrastructure such as: stable environment, predictive, certified, or legal binds. For example, the response to suspicious activity cannot be as rough or/and severe as the response is within IT environments (process shut-down, disconnection, makeshift patching or hasty design).

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The right side of the figure represents schematically the vision of the project that will cover a diverse range of components and applications to make sure that IDUNN provides a universal configuration for the ICT chain (in blue). The project will create microservices (in red) that will allow being the bricks of a dynamic and evolving security operations centre (SOC) capable of identifying suspicious activity over legitimate traffic and anticipating the uncertainties. This SOC will have IDUNN’s Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and a Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP).

These microservices will be grouped into different technological tools depending on their functionalities to provide a competitive advantage to the EU vendors on security solutions: AMORA, HEIMDAL, THOR, ODIN AND FRIGG

This separation is also convenient for the project itself, as it self-arranges the different teams and points clear expected outcomes.