1. Resilience actions supporting systems

ODIN will define resilience actions supporting systems for IDUNN, capable of detecting the needed actions for resilience, decision-support and alternative mitigation, decision making, rerouting, reconfiguration practises and patterns. Main inputs are the use cases, infrastructure Blueprints and the results from End-Point Detection

2. Visualisation and Dashboard tools.

Definition and demonstration of the needed visualization and dashboard tools required to be able to detect, maintain and update the assets for possible mitigation and reconfiguration of IDUNN. An important input for the development of visualisation and dashboard tools is the information received from AI based security analysis, which shall be connected to the visualisation and dashboard tools. Visualisation and dashboard include e.g. Kibana/ Elastic open source tools.

3. Security level tracking technologies.

IDUNN will demonstrate the required Open Source governance based on Open Source Software (OSS) analysis. How to compare the result to the vulnerability databases and the development of semiautomated tools (e.g. reporting as Word/PDF format) reporting the potential vulnerability sources of the OSS. This will be repeated for the different releases of the IDUNN solution and for the status of the used Open Source reported.

4. Consolidated Business Continuity Plan.

The purpose for the actions is to compile the inputs from Infrastructure Blueprint, End Point Detection and build them together with other resilience actions to ensure a Business Continuity Plan for the complete IDUNN project. This set of actions will be defined to guarantee a safe ICT supply chain that in turn sustains a business. Therefore, the objectives of this block are to have a complete response; resilience features with the capability to prepare, compile, absorb, recover and adapt to adverse effects of an attack, to be able to ensure a Business Continuity Plan. These actions will be expressed following an established Business Process Model and Notification representation. This will ensure the interoperability between the blocks allowing to close the loop of the system and also will allow IDUNN partners to communicate among each other.