A Cognitive Detection System for Cybersecure Operational Technologies

IDUNN is focusing on adding the trust ingredient to any business by making its ICT systems resilience to cyber-attacks.

About us


IDUNN – A COGNITIVE DETECTION SYSTEM FOR CYBERSECURE OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES is a European project funded by the European Commission under the grant agreement 101021911 and the call H2020-SU-DS-2020.  

IDUNN is focusing on adding the trust ingredient to any business by making its ICT systems resilience to cyber-attacks. It will create a security shield in the form of tools, methodologies, microservices and initial standards compatible with any ICT supply chain. The project will demonstrate a secure Continuity Plan for ICT based organisations by creating and validating a unique Cognitive Detection System for Cybersecure Operational Technologies.

What we will do


The deployment of IDUNN will:


Increase trust in ICT for both IT and OT


Decrease person effort to ensure cybersecurity operations


Increase response and lower recovery time


Have a crucial impact in the productivity of any businesses

Use cases

The different technologies in the form of tools (AMORA, HEIMDAL, THOR, ODIN, and FRIGG) will be validated in three different scenarios during the project methodology. These three scenarios have been selected from three different industrial.

Manufacturing of gas valves for household application in energy sector.

Manufacturing machinery manufacturer. Automotive mechanical and hydraulic presses.

IoT controller for edge computing. The application for aviation lightning of wind energy plants.


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