Participation in IOT Week in Dublin

Our representative Víctor Julio Ramírez Durán, Ph.D. t took part in the IOTWeek in #Dublin, participating together with other projects in the Workshop “#Identity#trust and #privacy in a smart and intelligent #IoT world. Challenges and results – Session 2: AI and ML technologies as enablers for a more secure IoT” of the #IoTWeek2022.

He gave a speech about our R&D collaborative – IDUNN Project: A Cognitive Detection System for Cybersecure Operational Technologies project, which is focusing on adding the trust ingredient to any business by making its #ICT systems #resilience to #cyberattacks.

The workshop was happening on Thursday June 23, 2022 at 11:00 am at Croke Park Conference Centre, Suite 681/682, Dublin – Ireland. It was a great conference where we could share opportunities of collaboration and synergies.