Newsletter #5 of IDUNN released! Introducing ODIN

Exciting News from IDUNN Project: Release of Our 5th Newsletter Featuring ODIN!

We’re excited to share the release of the fifth newsletter from the IDUNN project, which highlights our revolutionary tool, ODIN. Designed to elevate cybersecurity measures, ODIN transforms security alerts into actionable insights, enhancing our capacity for decisive and resilient action. This tool not only manages alerts through critical tasks like case escalation and alert enrichment but also excels in executing response and resilience actions across various platforms.

ODIN’s latest features include seamless alert ingestion from diverse cybersecurity sources, customizable field configurations for tailored management, and enhanced case and observables management to ensure effective responses. Noteworthy integrations such as ODIN API connectors, MISP Project, and MITRE ATT&CK framework have enriched our system’s intelligence and response capabilities.

Moreover, ODIN is structured into three main modules: Orchestration, Automation, and Response, each designed to streamline and enhance different aspects of security management.

In addition to our tool developments, the IDUNN project continues to make strides in the community, including our recent dissemination through local media in the Basque Country and insightful contributions to cybersecurity research. We’re also actively engaging in workshops and meetings to advance our project, like the recent Cyber Threat Intelligence workshop focusing on IoT security.

Check the newsletter here