New follow-up meeting of the IDUNN project in Oulu (Finland)

We continue with our industrial cybersecurity project!

On November 26th and 27th we have held a new consortium meeting within the IDUNN project in Oulu, Finland. It has been two intense days where we have been working on the main lines of action of the project, on the progress of the different modules and the development of the different use cases to be implemented. We are  creating a security shield in the form of tools, methodologies, microservices and initial standards compatible with any ICT supply chain.

In addition, we have had the opportunity to make some visits. We have had the pleasure to visit the FabLab implemented at the University of Oulu as well as other very interesting projects and the facilities of our project partner BITTIUM.

In the IDUNN project we are developing A COGNITIVE DETECTION SYSTEM FOR CYBERSECURE OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES which is focusing on adding the trust ingredient to any business by making its ICT systems resilience to cyber-attacks.

Thanks to the University of Oulu and Bittium for hosting us and we keep working!