New face-to-face meeting of the IDUNN project, this time in Oldenburg, Germany.

The IDUNN project consortium met again on the 08th and 09th of november in person in the German city of Oldenburg to follow up on our project. IDUNN is an exciting initiative aiming to create a Cognitive Detection System for Cybersecure Operational Technologies. During these two days, our team has been immersed in discussions, to advance with technical and transversals tasks of our project and particularly focused on testing the services and modules developed in the project across various use cases identified throughout the project.

We’ve exchanged ideas, shared knowledge, and charted the course for the future of cybersecurity in operational technologies. The collaboration and dedication of all participants are proving to be crucial for the success of IDUNN.

Thanks to all participants for their hard work and commitment. We are building something meaningful, and together we are closer to creating a safer and more resilient operational environment against cyber threats in Europe.

Many thanks, especially to Cosynth and Offis, for organizing the meeting and for hosting us.