IDUNN project is presented in a local TV programme!!

Summary of News about IKERLAN’s Participation in the Teknopolis Program

Over the past weekend, IDUNN project through its coordinator Cristobal Arellano, featured prominently in the Teknopolis program, where researcher Cristóbal Arellano Bartolomé discussed critical current technological issues such as cybersecurity and the challenges facing Industry 4.0 and IoT devices. He explained how the European IDUNN project, led by IKERLAN, is developing cybersecure solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and its self-learning capabilities to better protect connected digital products.

In this context, the importance of complying with minimum security standards in the manufacturing of any connected digital product was emphasized, a globally relevant topic that continues to gain attention. The program also featured participation of Urko Zurutuza from Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, who is supporting Ikerlan in several actions within the IDUNN project.