First Press Release of IDUNN released!

The newsletter “What is IDUNN?” introduces a cognitive detection system for cybersecure operational technologies. IDUNN focuses on adding the element of trust to any business by making its information and communication technology (ICT) systems resilient to cyber attacks. The project aims to create a security shield in the form of tools, methodologies, microservices, and initial standards compatible with any ICT supply chain. Additionally, IDUNN will demonstrate a secure continuity plan for ICT-based organizations by creating and validating a unique Cognitive Detection System for Cybersecure Operational Technologies.

This project is funded by the European Commission under grant agreement 101021911 and the call H2020-SU-DS-2020.

The objectives of the project include creating a validated technological security framework in the form of tools and microservices to enable automatic and dynamic cybersecurity operations. Specific features include fingerprinting of OT components by profiling interfaces and behaviors, automated discovery of known threats, centrally detecting “unknown” or “zero-day” threats through fair IA and data analytics, running resilience actions against detected threats, and conducting self-diagnostic operations according to certain metrics and goals.