Participation in the Projects to Policy Seminar

Last week our project manager Cristóbal Arellano represented the IDUNN Project in the “Projects to Policy” Seminar organized by the European Research Executive Agency (REA) and DGHome in Brussels.

It was en event aiming to raise awareness among the relevant policy DGs on the new launched projects, as well as to provide guidance to these new projects regarding the policy-related outputs the policy DGs are interested in.

During the event, we had the opportunity to discuss, participate in workshops and network with other european projects.

Thank you for the organization and the participation with SPATIAL ProjectIRIS H2020 ProjectARCADIAN-IoTSentinel – EU Project , Secant projectTRUSTaWARE,  Electron Project,  ERATOSTHENES PROJECTCyberSEAS ProjectTestable Europe and SOTERIA – H2020 Project

EU Science, Research and Innovation
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