2nd Newsletter of IDUNN project released!

We are presenting AMORA in our second newsletter!

AMORA, a key testing tool under the IDUNN project, serves as a significant cybersecurity toolkit. It focuses on interoperability testing to ensure smooth interactions between different components and assess traceability solutions. By simulating cyber-attack behaviors and running attack scripts, AMORA identifies vulnerability points that malicious actors may exploit.

The tool generates simulation outputs displaying the number of alerts and predictive security analysis. These outputs, along with traced information, can train AI-based models. In the newsletter, updates and progress on AMORA are highlighted:

  1. Audit Information: Focuses on auditing and traceability in ICT systems to enhance transparency, security, and privacy. It defines auditable information for supply chain management, security policies, asset inventory, and more.
  2. Secure Data Infrastructure for Testing for Conformance: Establishes a lab infrastructure to simulate communications and test scenarios affecting devices. This involves analyzing target use cases, modeling lab infrastructure, simulating use cases, and analyzing results.
  3. Distributed Ledger and Interfaces for Value Chain Data: Evaluates Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for ensuring forensics and training AI. Real-time capabilities are assured through the distribution mechanism.
  4. Automatic Auditing Before and After Operation: Enables better analysis and documentation of blueprints with traceability in place. The IHE Gazelle solution tests heterogeneous ICT systems and identifies and analyzes risk events’ probabilities and consequences.
  5. Task Verification Platform for Data Elicitation: Uses the IHE Gazelle testing platform to run communication tests and detect unintended behavior and attacks. Incidents identified in the Misuse Case Template (MUC) are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Test results provide insights into potential consequences and mitigate attacks’ impact by detecting and neutralizing incursions early.

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